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BIG Changes!

Hey Wafflefam!

We're going through some big changes in the next couple weeks!

We will soon be launching our NEW Waffle/Pancake/Baking Mixes!!

With this change we are going to be discontinuing our current premade waffles until further notice.


Our biggest goal has always been to give you the BEST possible product at an affordable cost. 


With current production we have struggled with shipping a fresh baked product to our customers and keeping its quality consistent along the way. We also know shipping costs are tough!


Our solution; we're bringing Wake Up Waffles to your kitchen. With our super simple mixes we'll be able to provide a more consistent product at a cost effective price! Oh... and they will ship for FREE!

For the premade waffles you have until June 6th to place your final orders! We're not saying they are gone forever of course but for now our small team will focus production on our mixes and bringing you innovative new products!


We know you'll have a lot of questions about our changes and we are happy to answer what we can. We will be updating you all with more info as we get closer to the launch of the mixes!


We seriously can't thank you enough for your support through our journey. The wafflefam has been so incredible to us and we hope you LOVE our new products.