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Our Story

We LOVE pancakes, waffles, donuts, and cupcakes. You know, all the “fun food” you’re not supposed to eat!
When Nicole and I began our health and fitness journey’s we realized that completely cutting out those foods just wasn’t the answer.
So we hit the kitchen with a goal to create a mix that you didn’t have to feel bad about eating daily. We spent endless nights experimenting and created over one hundred versions until we finally landed on a product we couldn’t be prouder of. We believe in a balanced, healthy lifestyle with clean ingredients, a little bit of fun, and a whole lot of happy. Thank you so much for supporting our dream and our small business.

Our Ingredients

All of our nutritional facts and ingredients can be found under each product in the shop section. *Please note all products are produced in a facilty that contains dairy and almond flour. We do our absolute best to ensure there is no cross contamination between products. *

Gluten Free

Facility Contains Milk

Facility Contains Almonds