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Need To Know

How we compare to our competitors

We are also naturally gluten free, use wholesome
ingredients, and never use preservatives.


Our Ingredients

Gluten free, high protein, and natural ingredients aren’t cheap; they're actually about double the price compared to standard ingredients. This is why you will see most protein mixes at a higher rate next to your regular off-the-shelf brands. What these less expensive brands don’t tell you is that they usually use the cheapest ingredients possible which can massively affect your diet and health!

We use clean, wholesome ingredients that are naturally gluten free and free of GMO’s. We don’t add sugar or preservatives. Since our original and keto blends are whey protein based they have a large amount of protein per serving.

You can find a list of our ingredients under each product!

Small Batch Blending

Why small batch blending? Since we are a very small company we are limited to the amount of ingredients we can purchase and house at a time. We want to give you the best quality ingredients and offer a variety of options. Blending in smaller batches allows us to branch out into other types of mix (vegan and keto) along with new flavors!